Upcoming Events at Illuminating the Soul


Spiritual Community Gathering

08-06-2021 6:30 pm
Love Offering
Spiritual Community Gathering
Come gather with like minded souls and explore the realms of spirituality and healing.
Together, we will be creating a safe space for your heart and soul to be seen and heard and offering guest speakers from the Kansas City Spiritual Community to share their spiritual path and healing centers.
As a part of us coming together you will also have the opportunity to provide a love offering to a non profit organization in the Kansas City area.
Please bring the names of non profit organizations you would like us to donate to and we will take a vote at each gathering and share the love.
This months guest speaker is, Bobbie Martin. She will be talking about having your own healing gifts and also offering a Resonance Repatterning healing session.
Bobbie does alternative counseling and coaching using a process called Resonance Repatterning. She supports individuals, couples and families with helping them heal.
Come out and enjoy the company with like minded souls and enjoy our time together.
Tammy Barton

Healing and Balancing the Seven Chakras Workshop

09-04-2021 9:00 am -5:00 pm
Healing and Balancing the Seven Chakras Workshop

Join Tammy Barton in a fun filled day in learning about the seven main chakras or energy centers in the body. You will also learn ways to balance and heal each chakra in a healing session.

Includes: All materials, handouts 

*** You will also receive a chakra crystal bag of 7 stones that correlate with each chakra and a pendulum to use in healing sessions.

In this class you will learn:
* How to care for, cleanse and balance your chakras
* How to identify when your chakras are in and out of balance
* How to feel and work with the energy in each chakra
* Learn the healing properties of each chakra
* How to do a healing session on yourself and others
* Which crystals correlate with each chakra

*** Continuing Education Hours for Licensed Massage Therapists are available for this workshop


Become A Medical Intuitive with Tina Zion

10-22-2021 9:00 am - 10-24-2021 6:00 pm
Live Virtual Zoom Course
$400.00 Early Bird Price
Become A Medical Intuitive with Tina Zion

Yes! You can learn to do medical intuition!

Yes! You can do this level of healing for others!

Tina Zion wants you to succeed as a skilled medical intuitive.

For lay people, medical practitioners, energy healers, practicing psychics and mediums, and anyone who wants to develop their intuitive abilities. This is an experiential program without any performance anxiety.  It includes presentations with a balance of hands on practice.

Location: LIVE Virtual Zoom Course

*Class fee has been reduced due to Covid-19 

Class times are:  Friday and Saturday - 9am to 6pm, Sunday - 9am to 6pm 

All class times are CENTRAL TIME ZONE in USA