Drum Making Workshop with Yolanda Martinez

Drum Making Workshop with Yolanda Martinez
Illuminating the Soul invites you ~ 
Drum Making Workshop With Apache Master Drum Maker ~ Yolanda Martinez
Yolanda Martinez, is an Apache, Comanche/Inca Native from Southern New Mexico. Yolanda has been making drums since 1987 and is considered to be a Master Drum Maker, and loves teaching drum and Native Traditions. She also leads Drumming Circles, Moon Lodge Circles, Sound Healing and Dream Journeys.
She is a three time Nammy/Grammy Winner, and international performer, singer, songwriter and recording artist.
Class Dates: August 24th and 25th, 2024

On Saturday, August 24th from  9:00am to 1:00pm

Yolanda starts with sacred ceremony by smudging everyone and opens the circle with an opening prayer.

She introduces herself and shares with you who she is, how the gift of the Drum came, and how powerful an instrument you are about to make.

A Demo Drum will be made by Yolanda to give participants a foundation of how you will be creating your drum. Once the demo Drum is complete, she will instruct and assist the group as they build a drum of their own.

On Sunday, August 25th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm  

A Drumming Circle is held to Birth the Drums where participants will get to hear their Drums voice for the first time.

People leave her gatherings feeling elated, empowered, enlightened and creative. This ancient, powerful instrument has been on the Planet for centuries. The Drum is awakening and connecting the masses with earth mother, nature, themselves, and Spirit.

The circle ends with a Closing Prayer and Potluck Feast.

She also brings her Drumming and Chanting Thumb Drives that contain the songs that she teaches in the Circle, as well as herbs (sage, sweet grass, cedar) and other sacred items for the group to be able to purchase.

The circle ends with a Closing Prayer and Potluck Feast.

Everything is provided for you to make your drum.
Price includes your Hide, Hoop, Sinew, Leather and a Beater.
Drum Sizes and Prices:
Choose from Elk or Buffalo Hide
12 inch drum~ $350.00 Elk
14 inch drum~ $425.00 Elk ~ $475.00 Buffalo
16 inch drum~ $475.00 Elk ~ $525.00 Buffalo
18 inch drum~ $525.00 Elk ~ $575.00 Buffalo
A $300.00 deposit is required to hold your space and is non refundable 
The remaining balance must be paid by July 24th, 2024.  
When registering ~ please provide in the Notes section the Size and Hide of your drum.  
Drum Making Class Location:
To Be Announced and will be near Liberty, Missouri 64068 
This is a very special event you don't want to miss in creating a sacred medicine piece.  
Drumming is an ancient approach using rhythm to promote healing and self-expression and is thought to boost the immune system, produce feelings of wellbeing, release emotional trauma, and promote reintegration of self.
Shamanic Journeying is a gentle meditation used to help reach an altered state of consciousness to reach new levels of self-understanding and healing through your personal inner guidance and vision.

Yolanda and Tammy welcome you to join them for a very special weekend together. 


Event Properties

Event Date 08-24-2024 9:00 am
Event End Date 08-25-2024 4:00 pm
Capacity 15
Registered 6
Available place 9
Cut off date 07-31-2024
Individual Price $300.00 Deposit
Location To Be Announced